Millbrook House


About us and our history

We are pleased to welcome you to our family home and business.

Millbrook House has been in the Glazebrook family since 1963, when Simon’s parents, Hugh and Margaret, purchased an existing boarding school.  The school doors closed to pupils in 2003 and many changes have taken place since.  Millbrook House itself has become a family home.  The classrooms and staff accommodation behind the house have been converted to flats and let to tenants.  The short-let apartments were dormitories, classrooms and staff accommodation.


Millbrook House is a grade II listed property with part of the main house dating back to the 16th century with many 18th, 19th and 20th century alterations.  There is a brick on the back of the house dated 1791 and it once was a farmhouse with racing stables.

The property used to be called The Firs, possibly because of the tall fir trees on the south side of the front garden.  It was certainly still called The Firs in the 1920s but why the name was changed, and when, is unknown.  From 1954 until 2003 it was a boys’ boarding school.

We have 7 short-let apartments in one building, originally built in 1989 as classrooms, dormitories and staff accommodation, and converted in 2007.  We have 3 further studio apartments in a new building on the site of a garage block which was completed in 2014.

The school gym is home to a studio, personal training gym and three therapy rooms rented out to freelance instructors, personal trainers and therapists.  Please see Peak Movement Clinic for more information.

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